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When a teacher for the first time utters a beautiful French word “essay”, many questions immediately arise. What is an essay, how does it differ from an essay and an essay, what size should it be. It would seem that there is nothing particularly difficult in writing an essay – after all, it expresses your personal point of view on a certain question and does not at all claim to absolute accuracy and scientific character. But what to do if:

  1. You are not so well versed in rats and rats, to express your personal attitude to them?
  2. The given topic requires an urgent study of the material, but there is no time for it anymore?
  3. Are you quite capable of writing a new volume of a world bestseller, but at the same time not being able to express your thoughts in the proposed short volume?
  4. Order or buy an essay is the simplest and most rational solution to the problem.

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Essay – a small text, the volume of which is equal to about one page A4. It turns out that you have to write about five hundred words. With regard to the content of the text, you can bring the essay to essays on a free topic. Nevertheless, this is a literary paper and rather complicated – precisely because it is a mixture of one’s own view of the subject and scientifically colored (philosophical, critical, journalistic, and so on) text. In this case, the short amount of work is sometimes the most difficult framework for the performer. So, the “Essay to Order” service did not originate from scratch: not everyone will be able to write an entertaining text of this kind with new ideas.

Essays at school and essays at universities differ by the complexity of the material, and by the presence of a scientific component. Student essays should be written not only using their own thoughts, but also using monographs, dissertation sources, periodicals and much more. Also, the essay may be conceptual, informational or analytical. But in any case – this is the work by which the teacher evaluates your personal opinion and ability to analyze the material.

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